Behavior • Bond • Balance

Our purpose is to enhance the bond between pets and owners through Education Positive Reinforcement Respect Communication Behavior Modification Leadership .

Waggin’ Train LLC is not an ordinary dog training company. All the trainers at Waggin’ Train LLC are highly dedicated individuals who help you understand how your dog learns and views his world and assess the WHY behind your dog’s behaviors. We help you become the companion your dog needs you to be… and enjoy the companionship of a well-mannered, balanced dog.

We use PROVEN techniques of positive reinforcement, we will positively shape your dog’s behaviors. Our methods are based on non-confrontational, positive reinforcement, leadership skills, confidence building tools, using food treats, play & PRAISE.

Here are just a few of our goals for you

Address problem situations with positive reinforcement and proven training techniques;
keeping everyone safe. (If need be while working alongside your veterinarian’s suggestions.)
Provide a Positive experience for both you and your pet during each training session. To
teach you how to develop your Leadership skills, communicate and train your dog successfully.
Make sure your questions are answered and your concerns addressed. During these sessions we love to watch the bond grow and develop into a strong relationship between you.