Welcome Animal Behavior College Students!

You have gone through the reading and writing.
Now let’s get to the fun stuff.

I have been an ABC Mentor for well over 12 years. I have a proven track record with many past students who are successful dog trainers, pet sitters and pet related business owners. Students even keep in touch with me when they are having difficult cases or just to touch base.

I will generally have between two to five ABC Students at a time; this will provide the ability to have your own “group” class with other students in varying stages of learning and training.

While training with me you will learn not only the basics, but so much more. You will get to work with shelter dogs, rescue dogs, and maybe a few other species if we are lucky.

You are required to spend 16 hours with your Mentor training dogs; you will soon find it is not nearly enough time to cover everything. Expect to spend more than that observing, working and training along side me. During this time you will work with dogs of varying ages and breeds, group classes, shelter dogs, client “in-home” training, dog park excursions for breed ID and observation of body language.

Buying Equipment

Items you can buy all of the items that you need to bring to training in many places. There are however only a few places that I personally shop at, and would recommend when buying training equipment and treats for pets.

Getting Started