Pet Partners - Evaluations

Get certified for Pet Partners

Pet Partners, formerly Delta Society, is a non-profit organization that brings individuals together who share a common passion: a love of animals and people.

We are committed to making a difference within our local communities and across the globe. Throughout this website, you'll have the opportunity to meet many of our members. If you are already involved with Pet Partners, THANK YOU for your support. If you are just learning about Pet Partners, we welcome you to join us. Together we change lives!

If you are looking for something for you and your dog to do together, this may just what you are looking for. Visiting people and children that are in hospitals, crisis shelters, schools, etc., with your dog is very rewarding and fun. We can also certify birds, cats, guinea pigs, miniature horses, and llamas.

People are healthier and happier because companion, service and therapy animals enrich and positively impact their everyday lives.

What your PET PARTNER Evaluator is looking for:

  • A solid nurturing bond between human and pet as a TEAM.
    • You are your pet's advocate, so it is your job to know that your pet is comfortable in the situation, advocate for him if he becomes uncomfortable.
    • Be aware of your pet’s surroundings, “feelings” in the situation.
      • If he is scared or excited – right the situation quickly, work through the situation as a TEAM; change or remove him the situation.
  • A pet that enjoys himself and is comfortable in an unfamiliar environment.
  • A human that enjoys himself and is comfortable in an unfamiliar environment and advocates for their Pet Partner.
  • Support and interaction with the pet and the Evaluator during the evaluation (a simulated visit)
  • You are being evaluated from the moment you step out of your car and into the pre-evaluation room until the minute you get back in your car.