Greeting Etiquette and Event Exercising

Planning a Event or Get Together?

Don't be the person with that untrained or rude pet.
Make sure that your pets are ready for guests.


Pre-Event Door & Greeting Etiquette - Training or Refresher

Concentrated training on specific behaviors. We Address: greeting, jumping, boundaries, go to your “place”. If your dog doesn’t know the basics, this may take 1-3 sessions, so plan ahead.

Pre Event Exercising - Just get them tired

1-hour of Exercise for your dog(s) addressing physical and mental energy outlets.

Physical-Walks, bike riding*, treadmill*, swimming*, park type exercise, fetch, flirt pole, mental-Kongs, antlers, and or chewies, puzzle games, hide & seek, rapid command training, what ver it takes,.
*If your dog already knows these it is helpful, but can likely train that day.

Event examples

Luncheons Diner Guests Baby/Bridal Showers Peaceful Night Hanukah New Year's Eve
Parties Game Night Date Night Halloween Christmas Eve New Year's
Baby Sitter Sleep Overs Guests in Town Thanksgiving Christmas Super Bowl
Training sessions during large events and holidys get booked fast. Spots are limited, so act now!